Coalescing Filter Elements - Natural Gas

Norman Filter Company’s Coalescing Filter Elements are the optimal choice for oil and water removal from gaseous systems. Ideal for natural gas applications where entrained liquid oils and water are collected as droplets on hydrophobic or hydrophilic filtration media which then can be removed through the filter bowl drain.

NFC is currently in the development process for a new line of coalescing filter elements with more media options and sizes. This will also allow for custom coalescing elements to meet challenging applications.

Common Applications:

  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Compressor Air
  • CNG Pressurization Skids
  • CNG Transfer Systems
  • Aerospace Ground Support Equipment

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NFC has participated in supplying high-pressure filter assemblies and components to the alternative fuels market for over a decade. Norman Filters 4500, 14500, and 34500 series are frequently used by hydrogen fill station manufacturers. These are available in all 316 S.S., with all welded 316 S.S. elements and HNBR seals, making these series the perfect match for high-pressure, high flow hydrogen applications. 

When working with compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel our standard aluminum body 4500 series combined with coalescing filter elements has proven to be an industry-leading performer. The standard pressure rating of 5000 PSI provides for a wide range of both mobile and stationary applications. 

NFC has designed a dual element/filter bowl manifold combination to support R&D efforts in support of traditional diesel locomotive CNG fuel injection systems.  Whether it is a CNG process pipeline application, vehicle hydrogen fuel cell, or CNG injected power generation equipment, Norman Filter Co. has the solution to fit the need.

What is CNG?

CNG is natural gas that is highly compressed and stored in thick-walled steel, aluminum, or composite high-pressure storage containers. CNG is a clear and non-corrosive alternative transportation fuel for automobiles, trucks, and buses. The use of CNG has become more popular over the years due to the lower cost than gasoline and the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly by reducing CO2, nitrous-oxides, and other particulate emissions.

Our coalescing elements are designed for the removal of liquid contaminants from gaseous flows. During operation, dirty, wet CNG is forced through the coalescing media from the inside of a cartridge through a wall to the outside, where large droplets fall to the bottom of the housing. Clean CNG gas exits the housing through the outlet port. Oil and water removed from the gas stream accumulate until drained, while dirt particles are trapped and retained on the surfaces of the fibers. 

Norman Filter Company is an AS9100D with ISO 9001 certified quality manufacturer of hydraulic filter housings, elements and filtration systems for the global industrial and aerospace markets. NFC designs, manufactures, and tests stainless steel high-pressure filter housings and elements. We supply state of the art high-pressure filter products for hundreds of companies and entities. For all of your filter needs visit us at

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