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Norman Filter Company’s engineering department has extensive experience with unique and challenging filter applications across all industries. Norman Filter products can be found in operation from manned space flight applications to oil and gas exploration. NFC Engineering has experience designing components around extreme working fluids including:

  • Acids
  • Liquid oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • High-temperature gases and fluids
  • High viscosity fluids

We have provided unique geometry components constrained by limited available space or complicated interface dimensions. Whether it’s a challenging working fluid, material, geometry or performance requirement, NFC Engineering has experience delivering a quality product that meets and exceeds our customer’s demands.

Specialty Gas & Liquid Process Filter Testing

NFC has designed, machined, welded, cleaned, and tested filter housings and elements that have been tested to the most extreme environments. This includes:

  • Spaceflight hardware vibration and shock loads
  • High speed/ high-pressure transients
  • Weld nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Welded Grayloc hubs

NFC works with several outside services including passivation, precision cleaning, annealing, heat treatment all of which have been approved by both NFC’s supplier approval process and customer stipulated approved supplier list.

Brass Filters (oxygen application) – Designed specifically for oxygen use. Norman Filter Company offers all of our standard product in sintered bronze and brass construction for improved Oxygen compatibility. O-rings available in Teflon per AMS 3678C-1-B which come with material certification-virgin batch tested Teflon. Brass filters have improved flow path geometry to minimize flow impingement. NFC Engineering can specify filter elements per CGAG4.4 Oxygen safety flow limits.

Brass Filter Elements

  • Bronze
  • Sintered nickel
  • Nickel wire mesh

Common points of use are medical grade oxygen and aerospace applications.

Flange / Grayloc Hub Filter Assemblies – Connect directly to flange piping. ANSI/ASME B16.5 flanges or Grayloc style hub adapters can be added to Norman Filter standard product lines. This allows for simple installation directly into piping runs and eliminates the need for complex fitting adapters. Flanges and Hubs are welded per ASME BPVC Section IX to NFC filter assemblies, ensuring product performance and safety. NFC machines Grayloc style flanges in-house to minimize welds and maintain housing integrity. Our flange / Grayloc Hub Filters are commonly used in oil and gas and aerospace applications.

Cone / Witches Hat Filters – Norman Filter Company manufactures custom cone style filter elements for direct installation into piping components. Cone Filters are made for bi-directional flow, extremely low-pressure drops, and built with pleated micronic filter mesh.

NFC’s Cone Filters can be attached to Grayloc sealing or flange gaskets. Cone Filters utilize custom core tubes and feature all TIG welded construction for superior durability.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace: Ground Support Equipment
  • Cryogenics: Gas Filtration
  • Oil & Gas: Suction/Discharge Pumps

Cone filters are ideal for inline high flow applications where there is no room for a filter housing and have been frequently used in pipelines that require significant particulate loading capability.

B31.3 Compliant Filter Series – Designed under high-pressure piping requirements. Norman Filter manufactures custom filter housings designed to be compliant with the requirements of ASME B31.3.  ASME compliant filter housings are our most robust units available, and they meet the stringent design requirements of ASME B31.3.  Additional pressure vessel standards can be met with these assemblies as well. 

Manifold Filer Assemblies – Manifold Filter Assemblies allow for filtration of multiple fluids with one filter unit. Multiple filter elements and filter bowls can be designed into one filter head for space savings and ease of element change-out for a multi-fluid system. Filter manifolds can also be directly installed in existing manifold cavities which removes the need for mounting hardware and plumbing connections. Custom applications have included subsea blowout preventers, electric control boxes filtering dielectric fluid & compressed natural gas.

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Norman Filter Company was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of hydraulic filters and filtration systems for the industrial and aerospace markets. Over time, design and testing capabilities have been added to provide maximum value to our customers. Norman Filters offers a diverse filtration product line including high, medium and low pressure inline and T-Type standard filtration solutions. In addition, Norman Filters provides custom design and manufacturing solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs. All product is designed and manufactured at our Bridgeview, IL facility.


AS9100D • ISO 9001 Certified


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