Filter Focus: Reverse Engineering

Norman Filter Company offers innovative solutions to complicated problems through our dedicated engineering team. Through our combination of in-house manufacturing and a qualified supplier base NFC has the ability to manufacture housings and elements using the reverse engineering process.

During engineering and design, filter pleats are calculated for maximum dirt hold capacity opposed to pressure drop. It’s essential to maximize pleats to allow maximum flow with decreased pressure differential. Over pleating can increase dirt hold capacity, as well as increasing differential pressure. Optimizing pleats ensure your filter doesn’t restrict flow to your system.

Over pleated or un-pleated filters means there is no space between pleats. The amount of dirt holding is exponentially higher since there’s more room for the particulate to be trapped between pleats leading to a shortened life of the filter.

With processes such as Reverse Engineering, our in-house design team and tools are geared specifically towards filtration, which allows us to engineer custom filtration products for almost any application. We have worked closely with engineering teams to provide fast turnaround for time-sensitive projects.

Norman Filter Company has the unique ability to design, manufacture, and test full-scale prototype filtration components with the same high-quality standards as our industrial or aerospace products under our AS9100 quality system. In addition to reverse engineering, our skilled team has the capabilities to manufacture housings and elements using the following:

  • CNC Machining
  • Welding – GTAW/PAW, Resistance, automated orbital welding
  • CMM
  • Laser Marking – annealing and etching
  • Custom pleating in our in-house pleater
  • NDE
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (non-certified)

Norman Filter Company was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of hydraulic filters and filtration systems for the industrial and aerospace markets. Over time, design and testing capabilities have been added to provide maximum value to our customers. Norman Filters offers a diverse filtration product line including high, medium and low pressure inline and T-Type standard filtration solutions. In addition, Norman Filters provides custom design and manufacturing solutions to meet our customer’s unique needs. All product is designed and manufactured at our Bridgeview, IL facility.

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AS9100D • ISO 9001 Certified

Engineered, Manufactured & Tested in the USA

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