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Norman Filter Company and Norman Equipment have many solutions for all your Filter and Fluid Transfer needs. Norman Equipment Company’s offline filtration units are designed to filter your hydraulic oil, lube oil or diesel fuel during fluid transfer or as a kidney-loop process and are available in three basic models, the Norman Filter Cart, the Norman Filter Panel, and the Mighty Might portable filtration system.

Norman also does extensive work customizing filter carts, panels, and portable filtration units to fulfill all your Fluid Transfer needs.

Mighty Might:

The Mighty Might Filtration System is the highlight of the Fluid Transfer Products offered by Norman Equipment Company. The Mighty Might is a portable, lightweight, hand-held fluid transfer filtration system, designed for all those hard to reach places.

The dual element design allows for two-stage filtrations for numerous filtration options. The Mighty Might has an industrial grade motor and pump which is ideal for most hydraulic and lube oil applications. Mighty Might Filtration System is also available with high-viscosity options.

Mighty Might Key Features

  • 4 GPM Flow Capacity
  • System weighs 35 pounds
  • Filtration down to 3 Micron (Absolute)
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Frame
  • Pump Safety Relief Valve

Filter Cart:

Norman Equipment Company’s off-line filtration units are designed to filter your hydraulic and lube oils during oil transfer or as a kidney-loop process.

It’s common to find contaminants ranging from water to particulate in new shipments of oil. On average seven grams of particulate contamination is found in every 100 gallons of new barreled oil. In most cases, the oil in your system is at a higher cleanliness level than the oil you receive from your supplier. The Norman Filtration Systems are ideal for filtering particulate and water contaminants found in existing hydraulic and lube oil systems. By not removing these contaminants, critical components are often damaged leading to expensive repairs or replacements and downtime.

Filter Panel:

Off-line filtration that’s efficient and economical. Featuring the kidney-loop filtration which is one of the most efficient means of filtering hydraulic, lube, and gear oils.

When filtering your oils with a Norman Filter Panel you’re processing your oil at a steady slow rate allowing for optimal filtration. By using a combination of elements, both particulate, and water contaminants can efficiently be removed from petroleum-based oils.

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