High Flow Test Stand For Aerospace

BRIDGEVIEW, ILLINOIS, June 25, 2019– Norman Filter Company (NFC), a manufacturer of high-pressure Aerospace and Defense filters, proudly announces a newly constructed High Flow Test Stand for filter applications in the Aerospace industry.

Featuring unique parts that are based on the high volumetric flow rate and low-pressure differential measurement capabilities, the High Flow Test stand is designed to test specific space flight applications which simulates extreme flow rates of propellants during space flight. Filtering at 8,000 GPM, the High Flow Test Stand allows NFC to continue to expand and improve the science of Aerospace Filtration.

By incorporating the High Flow Test Stand into our testing capabilities, NFC is able to have a quicker response to high-flow applications that require testing. In addition, the High Flow Test Stand enables NFC to bring full-scale development, qualification, and acceptance testing for Aerospace ground support and flight hardware applications.

“This test stand allows NFC to rapidly respond to the growing demand of space flight and ground support equipment applications for high flow applications. Our engineering team can make developmental changes to applications with fast turnaround and well supported data. Also, this allows NFC to further validate our data and calculations, quickly providing our customers with accurate, verified information about the performance of our filters.” - Phil Netznik II, President of Norman Filter Company.

NFC has passed the rigorous design and testing requirements for many U.S. manned and unmanned space flight programs, Defense and Aerospace end applications. Norman Filters are currently in operation on the following programs and applications: International Space Station (ISS), Orion Crew Capsule, B-52 Bomber, and many more.

About Norman Filter Company:

Norman Filter Company is an AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of hydraulic filters and filtration systems for the aerospace and industrial markets. Since 1978, Norman Filters has offered a diverse filtration product line including high, medium, and low-pressure filtration solutions. Norman Filters provides custom design and manufacturing solutions to meet our customers unique needs. Every Norman Filter is designed, manufactured, and tested at our Bridgeview, Illinois facility.

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