Military / Marine Water Filters

Norman Filter Co. supplies a wide range of filter assemblies both standard and custom in support of D.O.D. weapon and shipboard systems for all branches of the armed services.  Our ability to respond quickly and accurately in support of these demanding applications has made Norman Filter Co. the go to supplier when time is critical. 

NFC products are used fleet wide for high pressure control air filtration after undergoing rigorous shock test qualification for shipboard use. 

U.S. shipyards and Naval dock facilities require NFC dual element T-type filters to insure clean usable compressed air from the source.

Virtually every Naval vessel afloat utilizes Norman Filter Co. products in various applications.  All variants of the new Littoral combat vessels main firefighting water supply is filtered through a modified version of our 4900 series, 150 GPM rated stainless steel assemblies. 

Every shipboard Halon firefighting system integrates our 4300 series for control valve protection.  A custom designed 4200 series with replaceable element is a key component for shipboard radar systems PAO coolant filtration. 

All nuclear submarines in the U.S. fleet require Norman Filter Co. products pier side water filtration support, gage calibration equipment protection, and numerous other fluid filtration applications.  The Advanced SEAL Delivery System incorporates a copper nickel version of our 4500 series, and 43/4400 series assemblies for sea water filtration. 

Our land forces utilize NFC products in support of the Centurion Weapon System designed for integrated close in defense.  Mobile communication towers built for the U.S. Army utilize components designed and manufactured by Norman Filter Co. 

Norman Filter Co. strives each and every day to support our warfighters with the highest quality filtration components available in industry.

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