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Product Offerings

all stainless steel housings available in
Monel and Brass
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High Pressure Filters/Housings
stainless steel - now up to 30,000 psi

4100 Series High Pressure Stainless Steel Mini Tee-Type Filter. Low Flow to 15,000 PSI

high pressure mini in-line hydraulic filters
High Pressure Mini-Inline

high pressure Tee type hydraulic filters
High Pressure Tee-Type

 high pressure 4400 series in-line
High Pressure In-Line Filters


High Pressure Stainless Steel Mini Tee-Type


cryogenic service
4450 series in-line filter

hydraulic filters, high pressure hydraulic filters

6,000, 10,000
& 20,000 psi models
shipping from stock



U-115 series      

 designed for cryogenic service


4900 serieshigh flow 150 GMP high pressure 8000 PSI hydraulic filter


High Flow
150 GPM


developed  for cryogenic industry
with improved seal design
for low temperature
liquid & gas applications

cleanable & reusable elements

  30K series
now rated up to 30,000 psi
high pressure 30,000 psi inline hydraulic filter

Brass Filters for Oxygen Use, Scintered Brass Elements, High PressureOxygen Filters,
Brass Filters for
Oxygen Use
sintered bronze elements rated up to 6,000 psi

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  Filter Elements Stainless, MicroGlass, Sintered full line of elements  





Norman Filter Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filter elements to a variety of industries. 

A wide range of filter media is available.

These filter elements can be manufactured to fit your existing application and filter housing. 

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In-house ability to design, manufacture and test filter housings and elements to meet your needs and solve unique problems.

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High pressure CUSTOM filter design and application engineering In-Line Flanged Mounted, Liquid Gas Filtration High pressure CUSTOM filter design and application engineering High pressure CUSTOM filter design and application engineering High pressure CUSTOM filter design and application engineering Filter Engineering and Design




Medium Pressure  

               Medium Pressure Tee-Type 3000 Series Filters                                 medium pressure Tee type

Low Pressure

8000 Series Filters. Low pressure tank top filters and housings to 300 GPM
tank top filters


5000 Series Filters. Low pressure spin on filters and housings to 250 PSI
low pressure spin on filters

    6000 Series Filters. Low Pressure suction filters and housings to 600 GPM
      low pressure suction filters



Hydraulic Mobile Filtration Systems
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high viscosity filtation systems


portable hand-held filtration solutions wall mounted portable filtration systems


hydraulic portable filter cart

Replacement Elements




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