AS9100 Hydraulic Filter Housing & Systems Manufacturer

Since 1998, Norman Filter Company has been a family owned AS9100 certified quality manufacturer of hydraulic filter housings, elements, and filtration systems for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and global industrial markets. NFC designs, manufactures, and tests high pressure filter housings and elements. We supply state of the art high pressure products for hundreds of companies and entities.

Norman Filters offers a diverse filtration product line including: high pressure filter assemblies – 4500 series, U115, 30k inline in a variety of configurations and metallurgy, high pressure, high flow assemblies – 4900 series , high pressure mini inline 4200 series, a very popular product in the aerospace industry, medium pressure filters, low Pressure filters, custom filters to meet your needs – manifold, subsea filters, B31.3 compliant designs.

Norman Filters designs and manufactures a variety of all welded filter elements in house using a proprietary manufacturing process that is field proven in austere environments. Woven wire mesh can be formed to many sizes and shapes to allow for different flow dynamics. Woven wire mesh elements operate using surface filtration which captures 100% of particles at a given micron rating. Surface based filtration allows for easy cleaning by back flushing the elements. Since particulate is not embedded in the element, regular cleaning will extend the service life of the elements. Random metal fiber elements used for high viscosity applications, commonly used for PAO fluid for radar cooling systems. Sinter bonded SS elements for low flow, low micron applications.

Norman Filters seasoned sales and engineering staff have extensive experience in a wide range of end uses- from space flight applications to subsea tiebacks and the ROV market. Our filters are designed and manufactured in our 60,000 sqft facility in Bridgeview, IL.

NFC’s manufacturing facilities deploy multiple cutting, welding and forming capabilities that include:

  • 10 CNC machines
  • GTAW (TIG) welding station so 2 manual TIG Stations with fixturing
  • Computerized orbital welding machine
  • Micro TIG welding station
  • Plasma welding station
  • GMAW (MIG) welding station
  • Core tube manufacturing room with GTAW (TIG) core winding machine
  • Metrology lab with CMM, optical comparator as well as standard precision measuring equipment
  • Ultrasonic tanks
  • Bubble point testing room
  • Nitrogen purge oven

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