High Flow & High Pressure Filters for Aerospace

Norman Filter Company works extensively with leading aerospace companies that are on the cutting edge of space flight development.  NFC designs, manufactures and tests filters and filter systems that are manned space flight qualified.

NFC has and continues to work closely with leading aerospace companies to design and manufacture unique filtration products that push the boundaries of design and capability. We are continually working towards expanding the science of filtration through either company lead R&D projects or joint projects with our partners in order to grow with the ever expanding space flight community.

NFC has provided a multitude of standard product for ground support applications as well as flight applications – whether inline or T-type, we have pedigreed filtration units in use for mid and high flow applications that require all welded stainless steel elements.  

all welded aerospace filterCustom aerospace projects require a significant level of detail from the initial phases that require many of our teams to work together to achieve a common goal. From initial design phases with engineering teams from both companies developing a shared vision to weld development and custom machining from our seasoned professionals along with meticulous documentation to provide transparency, traceability and repeatability. Norman has and will continue to acquire the appropriate testing equipment to support unique projects that push the limits of filtration.

Norman has or is in the process of manufacturing filters that support the wide spectrum of requirements and fluid filtration from our customers. Some of these applications include:

  • High flow liquid oxygen – up to 7,500 GPM
  • Bi-directional cone filters  
  • Liquid hydrogen filtration
  • Helium  
  • Hydrazine  
  • Oxygen filtration (brass filters)
  • High pressure with extreme vibration loads
  • Hydraulic systems

Norman Filters are used in variety of aerospace applications from the International Space Station to grounds support equipment. NFC provides filtration solutions to leading commercial aerospace companies and government projects in the United States as well as abroad. 

aerospace ground support application 

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