4500 Series High Pressure T-Type Filters

The NFC 4500 Series T-Type Filter is the ultimate high-pressure filter for process and fine particulate filtration that serves any system from Aerospace to the Oil & Gas industries.

The 4500 Series is available in a variety of configurations that feature a broad range of flows. The 4500 Series can operate in harsh or challenging work environments while filtering liquids and gases such as RP-3 (Jet Fuel), liquid oxygen/helium, hydrogen, water glycol, methanol, and freon, amongst other caustic fluids, cryogenics, flammables, oxidizers, and toxic chemicals. 

4500 Series Filter Details:

Port Type: FNPT, O-Ring Boss, Medium Pressure Ports (+10,000 PSI), Socket Weld
Mounting: Two through head holes
Flow: Left to right; out to in (Reverse Flow Available)
Element Types: Cellulose, Coalescing, Glass Fiber, Porous Sintered, Random Metal Fiber, Stainless Steel
Micron Rating: .2 - 200µm (300 Absolute)
Temperature Rating: -320° – 600°F
Accessories: Electrical & Visual Differential Pressure Indicator, Bypass Relief Valve, Direct Pressure Ports, Bowl Drain Ports, Explosion Proof Enclosure (ATEX/IECEX/UL specifications)

If any of our catalog product does not meet your requirement, we frequently customize filter elements and housings to meet your needs.

GPM/SCFM 10/300 16/600 24/1200 35/2500 50/4000
Port Size ¼” - 1" NPT, ¼” - 1" SAE, ¼” - 1" Medium Pressure 1" - 1 ½”" NPT, 1" - 1 ½”" SAE
Housing Material Aluminum, 303 SS, 316 SS, 17-4 SS (Brass, Monel, and Inconel Upon Request)
Operating Pressure 0 - 20,000 PSI 5,000 PSI Aluminum / 6,000 PSI Steel


Common Applications

  • Chemical Process
  • Compressed Gases
  • Cryogenics: Liquid Oxygen, Helium, Hydrogen
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Industrial Fluid Clarification
  • Subsea ROV Hydraulics

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