Custom Filter Element Design

The Norman Filter Company Engineering Group has the ability to apply custom design to fit your system needs. Odd geometries, unique connections, and diverse material selections can easily be incorporated into a custom design to fit your application. Filter element design is usually performed by either: 

a) Creating an element that fits into an existing customer size constraint

b) Allowing NFC Engineering to customize element size based on flow specifications and associated pressure drop requirements. 

For the latter, NFC utilizes in house equations and calculators to predict pressure drop to appropriately size your filter element.

For simple modifications consisting of end fitting or length modifications to standard elements, NFC can quickly turn a design around and manufacture at low lead times.

For more complex designs NFC Engineering works with In-House Manufacturing R&D to determine the most robust method of manufacture. New designs can also be tested using in house test stands to verify pressure drop, flow capacity, and collapse pressure. NFC Engineering will interface with your design group from product conception until completion to ensure fit and functionality are to your complete satisfaction.  

Contact NFC Sales with your design requirements to begin this process.  Below are typical minimum specifications to begin a custom design. 

  • System Design Pressure (range)
  • System Design Temperature (range)
  • Working Fluid
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Collapse Pressure
  • Materials of Construction

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