Filter Flow Testing

Norman Filter Company has a variety of in-house flow test stands that we operate to both internal and industry specifications. Whether you need a liquid, pneumatic, or high-pressure flow testing, Norman’s Engineering team has you covered.

All flow testing is performed on NFC built test stands which utilize electronic data logging to record system pressure, system temperature, and differential pressure. Companies worldwide trust NFC with their filtration testing needs because of our superior knowledge and years of experience. We strive to provide top tier testing solutions. Contact our team today with any questions regarding our testing services and capabilities.

High Flow Test Stand

NFC has added a new Flow Test stand for high-flow filtration testing capabilities. Featuring unique parts that are based on the high volumetric flow rate and low-pressure differential measurement capabilities, The High Flow test stand serves to simulate the flow of the entire rocket propulsion system to go through our filters. By incorporating The High Flow test stand, it allows NFC to have a quicker testing response time to high pressure applications. The High Flow test allows our team to bring full scale development, qualification, and acceptance testing for ground support and flight hardware in the Aerospace industry.

filter flow testing

 High Flow Test Details:

  • Flow Rate: 8,000 GPM
  • Fluids: Water (Deionized Water Optional)
  • System Pressure: 120 PSI max

Liquid & Pneumatic Flow Test Stand

Norman Filter Company has the ability to perform flow testing using water for liquid applications and nitrogen or helium for gaseous applications. Filter flow testing is performed to understand the differential pressure from the inlet of the filter housing to exit of the filter housing.

filter flow testing

Flow Test Details:

  • Water Flow Rate / System Pressure (PSI): 0-350 GPM (low pressure) / 100 PSI
  • Gas Flow Rate / System Pressure (PSI): Flow up to 1LB/Sec. / 6,000 PSI
  • Fluids: Water, Helium, or Nitrogen Gas

Contact NFC Engineering for higher flow rates

*High pressure test stands can be constructed for testing

**NFC can design, and construct test stands to meet requirements outside the ranges noted above.

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