Woven Wire Mesh Media

Woven wire mesh is a surface filtration media that removes particulate by stopping it at the surface of the filter media. Unlike its depth filtration based counterparts, woven wire mesh has a known appature size based on the weave selected giving the mesh an "absolute" micron rating. Wire mesh is most commonly manufactured out of 304 or 316 CRES, however, other materials may be used based on application.

woven wire mesh

Materials of Construction

  • 316/316L CRES
  •  304/304L CRES
  • Titanium*
  • Inconel*
  • Nickel 200/201*
  • Limited micron sizes available. Contact sales department for needs.

Typical Micron ratings (absolute)

  • 10 um
  • 15 um
  • 18 um
  • 25 um
  • 75 um
  • 100 um
  • 150 um
  • 300 um


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