Alternative Fuel and Compressed Natural Gas Filters

Norman Filter Co. has participated in supplying high pressure filter assemblies and components to the alternative fuels market for over a decade. 

NFC’s high pressure Mini-T (4100 Series), used in the Hydrogen industry, specifically hydrogen fuel cell systems for both vehicle and stationary applications.  This series, rated up to 15,000 psi is ideal when space matters due to its compact design.  NFC has adapted a specific elastomer (HNBR) for use in hydrogen applications due to its higher density resulting in reduced permeability.  This elastomer is available in all filter series manufactured by Norman Filter Co. 

Norman Filters 4500, 14500, and 34500 series are frequently used by hydrogen fill station manufacturers. These are available in all 316 s.s., with all welded 316 s.s. elements and HNBR seals, making these series the perfect match for high pressure high flow hydrogen applications. 

When working with compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel our standard aluminum body 4500 series combined with microglass elements has proven to be a solid performer.  The anodized aluminum body and microglass media are compatible with CNG service.  The standard pressure rating of 5000 psi provide for a wide range of both mobile and stationary applications. 

NFC has designed a dual element/filter bowl manifold combination to support R&D efforts in support of traditional diesel locomotive CNG fuel injection systems.  Whether it is a CNG process pipeline application, vehicle hydrogen fuel cell, or CNG injected power generation equipment, Norman Filter Co. has the solution to fit the need.  

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