Hydraulic Tank Breather Filters

5000 Series Tank Breather Adapters

The Norman 5000 Series Tank Breather Filters & Adapters convert Spin-On elements to Tank Breathers for hydraulic tank filtration. Sizes range from 1/2" NPT to 1.25" NPT. The adapters will perform with spin on elements ranging from 3 to 141 micron


6000 Series Internally and Externally Tank Mounted Filters

The Norman 6000 series tank mounted filters provide a low cost solution for hydraulic tank filtration.  It is suitable for all petroleum base oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants and lubricants with flow rates up to 600 GPM.  This series is manufactured from lightweight cast aluminum covers and wire mesh.  Micron ratings are available from 30 mesh to 200 Mesh.   Magnetic internally and externally mounted filters are available.  



  • Element Material: Cast Aluminum amd wire mesh 30-200 Mesh 
  • Flow Rate: 0-600 GPM
  • Port sizes: 3/8” to 6” NPT
  • 3 PSI and 5 PSI Bypass Valves available

Tank Top Low Pressure 8000 Series Filter

The Norman 8000 series filter is an economical solution for hydraulic tank filtration. It is suitable on the suction side for 100 GPM and Return side up to 300 GPM.  This series is manufactured from lightweight cast aluminum which allows for ease of installation and maintenance. Filter elements are available in multiple media types and micron ratings.


  • Housings Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Pressure Rating: 0-300 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 0-100 GPM Suction/0-300 Return
  • Port sizes: 1/2” to 3” NPT or 1 7/8" SAE
  • 2-3 " 4 Bolt SAE Flange available

Filter Elements:

  • Media Type: Cellulose, Microglass, Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Micron Ratings: 3µm - 141µm Bi-Directional Flow Water Absorbing 3 and 10 micron


  • Bypass settings 3,5,15 and 25 PSI 
  • Gauge Port 
  • Bottom Port Options Available

8000 8000

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