Sintered Metal Filter Elements

Powdered Sintered Material is a depth based filtration media that removes particulate by trapping the particulate within the structure of the filter media. Powdered Sintered Media utilizes tiny spheres of metal that are pressed, heated, and bonded together. Process control determines the micron rating of the filter media, and sintered media is typically described by its filtration efficiency. Sinter filter media is provided in a variety of materials with 316 being the most common.

Sinter bonded filter elements are used in low flow systems and most commonly used to filter gas. Pressure drops are significantly higher when hydraulic oil or viscous fluids pass through this filter.

NFC has designed and welded custom sinter bonded filter elements - in both disc and cartridge form.

sinter bonded filter


  • 316/316L CRES
  • Bronze
  • Nickel 200

Media Grades:

  • .2 um
  • .5 um
  • 1 um
  • 2 um
  • 5 um
  • 10 um
  • 20 um

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