Epoxy & Non Metal Filter Elements

In addition to metallic filter elements, NFC provides non-metallic epoxied filter elements that may fit your application and provide cost savings.


Cellulose filter media is a depth based filtration media that removes particulate by trapping it within the media passage ways. Cellulose filter media is typically defined by a beta efficiency ring βx at a specified micron rating. Thus a filter with a beta efficiency rating of β2 at 3 microns will allow 1 particle larger than 3 microns pass for every 2 that gets trapped, and the filter is said to be 50% efficient at 3 microns. 

Materials of Construction

  • End Caps: Plated Carbon Steel
  • Filter Media: Cellulose
  • Inner Support: Plated Steel or Corrosion Resistant Metal
  • Epoxy
    *Typical construction. Contact NFC sales for material compatibility concerns.

Typical Micron Ratings at β2 efficiency

  • 3 um
  • 10 um
  • 25 um

Microglass (Anti-Static)

Norman Filter Co. microglass filter elements are designed to provide maximum fluid protection in the most demanding filtration applications.  Microglass element is used predominantly in multi-pass systems vs. single pass “process” applications where higher dirt holding capacities are key in supporting element life, overall system performance, and lower maintenance costs. 

Our elements are constructed from multiple layers of pleated glass fiber media, stainless steel support mesh, corrosion resistant support core, and clear anodized aluminum end caps.  The heat set epoxy used in our element construction is compatible with most hydraulic fluids, including phosphate esters with a maximum fluid temperature range of 325 degress fahrenheit.  Our glass fiber media conforms to ISO 4572 with a minimum Beta ratio of Bx=200 @ 1,3,5,10, and 25 micron.  This filter media construction provides for lower pressure drops, maximum dirt holding capacity, and particle capture efficiency.  Our element construction is available in 2 collapse ratings, 3250 PSID, and 300 PSID depending on your application parameters. 

Norman Filters now offers in our standard catalog element configurations an anti-static media designed to reduce the potential of fluid friction generated static charge.  In addition, custom micro glass element designs are available for your custom applications.

Applications for this type of filter media are widespread including:

  • Offshore oil exploration
  • Remote operated vehicles (ROV)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Hydraulic power supplies – hydraulic power units & oil cooling loops
  • Agricultural
  • Construction equipment.  


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