Nickel 200 Filters

Nickel is a naturally occurring metal found in the earth that offers superior physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, making Nickel extremely desirable in several industries and applications including Aerospace oxygen applications. NFC Nickel 200 Mesh Elements excel in applications that demand clean and reliable filtration within a high pressure, extreme temperature, and chemically challenging environment. Nickel components serve critical functions on spacecrafts, landing crafts, space instrumentation packages, and aircrafts. Each unique characteristic of the porous metal is critical to ensure a long term filtration service life cycle.

Norman Filters designed with Nickel 200 have high dirt holding capacity and provide a longer life span than standard material filters within oxygen applications. Norman Filter Company offers all our standard products in exotic materials such as Nickel 200 for improved Oxygen compatibility. Nickel filters have improved flow path geometry to minimize flow impingement. NFC Engineering can specify filter elements per CGAG4.4 Oxygen safety flow limits.

When working with GOX/LOX systems, our Aerospace clients prefer Nickel 200 Mesh to all other material options! NFC Nickel 200 elements are well suited for applications where conventional filter element material is not adequate, whether driven by temperature, media compatibility, or pressure requirements. Nickel filter elements are an excellent substitute for Brass, Monel, Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel materials within the aerospace industry.

Nickel 200 is stocked in-house for rapid response manufacturing and delivery!

Nickel 200 Details:

Element Material: Nickel 200

Micron Rating: 10 NOM – 25 ABS µm

Flow Rate: 10 – 300 (GPM – SCFM)

Operating Pressure: 0 – 20,000 PSI

Temp Rating: -320°F – 600°F

If any of our catalog product does not meet your requirement, we frequently customize filter elements and housings to meet your needs.



Common Applications

  • Oxygen Service
  • Rocket Propellant / Liquid & Gaseous Oxygen (LOX/GOX)
  • Primary and Emergency Oxygen systems
  • Aviators Breathing Oxygen
  • Onboard Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS)
  • Testing Laboratories

Benefits of Nickel 200 in O2 Applications

  • Highest rated filter material for lowest combustibility factor
  • High-temperature strength and thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent resistance levels to chemical corrosion
  • High particulate removal efficiency
  • Large flow area with low differential pressure drops (dP)
  • Non-Flammable in O2 Applications at MAWP

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