4900 Series High Flow High Pressure T Type Filter

Norman Filter Company's 4900 Series Filters are designed for high flow and high pressure applications:

  • high flow filtration filtershigh flow filtration designU.S. Naval ship firefighting systems that require extremely high flow filtration.
  • 30,000 scfm of helium and nitrogen for rocket propulsion systems (this particular system accepts the higher DP)
  • Operating pressure up to 8,000 PSI, proof pressure 12,000 burst pressure 32,000
  • Standard flow rates 150GPM and 10,000 scfm at 10PSID
  • Poppet style bypass that allows for increased bypass flow rate compared to industry standard. 
  • Stainless weight: 140lbs – Available with handles for ease of movement and installation
  • Aluminum weight: 50lbs


high flow filter design

SpecsData Sheets & Catalogs
Housing Material/Pressure Ratings Aluminum (6 ksi)
316 SS (8 ksi)
Port Types NPT, SAE ORB, Socket Weld
Port Sizes 1" - 2" Pipe, Tube and Socket
Element Types Wire Mesh, Porous Sintered, Random Metal Fiber, Glass Fiber, Cellulose
Element Materials 316 CRES, Cellulose, Glass Fiber *Other Materials Available
Micron Rating .2 - 200 micron
*Element Dependent
Typical Flow Rate 150 GPM / 12000 SCFM
Accessories/Add Ons Electrical DP Indicator
Visual DP Indicator
DP Ports
ByPass Valve
Bowl Drain Ports

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