4900 Series High Flow High Pressure T-Type Filter

Norman Filter Company's 4900 Series Filters are designed for high flow, high pressure applications. Commonly found within the U.S. Navy there are variants of the new Littoral Combat vessels firefighting water supply system are filtered through a customized version of the 4900 Series, which requires extremely high flow filtration. The 4900 Series is also utilized in rocket propulsion systems that are filtering helium and nitrogen at 30,000 SCFM. 

The 4900 Series features poppet style bypass which allows for an increased bypass flow rate compared to industry standards. For low temperature or cryogenic applications, please contact our team! 

4900 Series Filter Details:

  • Housing: Aluminum, 316 Stainless Steel
  • Mounting: 4 tapped mounting holes
  • Operating Pressure: Up To 8,000 PSI - Proof Pressure 12,000 & Burst Pressure 32,000
  • Port Size: 1 - 2"
  • Elements: Cellulose, Glass Fiber, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Random Metal Fiber, Porous Sintered
  • Micron Rating: .2 - 200 µm Nominal (300 Absolute)
  • Flow Rate: 150 GPM | 10,000 SCFM | 10 PSID
  • Temperature Rating: -320° - 600°F
  • Filter Weight: 50 LBS Aluminum - 140 LBS Stainless Steel
  • Accessories: Electrical & Visual Differential Pressure Indicator, Bypass Relief Valve, Direct Pressure Ports, Bowl Drain Ports, Bowl Handles for ease of installation

If any of our catalog product does not meet your requirements, we frequently customize filter elements and housings to meet your needs.

4900 Series w Element  4900 Series Filter w Flange

SpecsData Sheets & Catalogs
Housing Material/Pressure Ratings Aluminum (6 ksi)
316 SS (8 ksi)
Port Types NPT, SAE ORB, Socket Weld
Port Sizes 1" - 2" Pipe, Tube and Socket
Element Types Wire Mesh, Porous Sintered, Random Metal Fiber, Glass Fiber, Cellulose
Element Materials 316 CRES, Cellulose, Glass Fiber *Other Materials Available
Micron Rating .2 - 200 micron
*Element Dependent
Typical Flow Rate 150 GPM / 12000 SCFM
Accessories/Add Ons Electrical DP Indicator
Visual DP Indicator
DP Ports
ByPass Valve
Bowl Drain Ports

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