Oil Filtration Cart & Systems

Norman Equipment Company’s offline portable filtration units are designed to filter your hydraulic, lube oil, diesel fuel during fluid transfer or as a kidney-loop process.

On average, 7 grams of particulate contamination is found in every 100 gallons of new barreled oil. In many cases, the oil in your system is cleaner than the oil you receive from your supplier. Particulate can damage expense valves, pumps and other hydraulic system components resulting in down production time and lost money from shorter product life.

Mighty Might HV Filtration Unit

Norman filtration systems are portable and ideal for filtering particulate and water contaminants found in new and existing hydraulic and lube oil. Norman has also provided mobile filter carts and Mighty Might’s for diesel transfer in on/off road applications. 


  • 5 & 11 GPM flow capacities
  • 2 filters:
    • Longer filter life,
    • 2-stage filtration
    • Clean, easy filter change-out
  • Filtration down to 1 micron absolute
  • Water absorbing elements
  • Industrial quality gear pump
  • Heavy duty cart with drop pan
  • Pump safety relief valve
  • Y strainer on pump inlent
  • 12’ long hose assemblies

High Viscosity:

NFC manufactures a line of high viscosity filter carts & panels with maximum viscosity of 7500SSU designed to filter hydraulic, lube and gear oils during transfer or in a kidney loop.

Normans high viscosity Mighty Might is designed to hard to reach situations and able to handle 10,000 SSU. 

Norman also does extensive work customizing filter carts, panels and portbale filtration units to meet any need. 

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