Filter Housings and Assemblies for Hydrogen Markets

Hydrogen (H2) is the most abundant element in the universe and is known as the lightest and simplest element. H2 is high in energy content, meaning it can be utilized as an energy carrier. As an energy carrier, H2 can be transformed into electricity, used as fuel for transportation including trains and automobiles, heating and cooling purposes, as well as various other industrial applications.

Norman Filters offers filter elements and components products specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of H2 applications by removing harmful particulate during all stages of the Hydrogen industry from supply and production to storage and wholesale. Norman Filters are designed to exceed the high pressure and fluid compatibility needs of H2 filtration by providing unique and custom filter product solutions!

NFC has experience manufacturing hydrogen application filters with the following materials:

  • 303/303L Stainless Steel
  • 304/304L Stainless Steel
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel


Norman Filter Company supports design standards of B31.3 and ASME Sec. 8 Div. 1 design compliant housings and assemblies for Hydrogen based applications.

  • Compact 4100 Series Filters for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assemblies

    Compact 4100 Series Filters for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assemblies

  • 15KSI Filter for H2 Fueling Stations

    15KSI Filter for H2 Fueling Stations


supply and production

To produce Hydrogen (H2), it must be separated from the other elements in the molecules where it occurs. There are many different sources of H2 and ways to produce it for use as a fuel and energy source. The two most common methods are steam-methane reforming and electrolysis – which is splitting water with electricity. NFC has a history of supporting both processes with custom and standard filter products!


Steam Methane Reforming, Coal Gasification, Electrolysis, Wind turbines, Power Generating Systems

Filter Series:

4500, 4100, Coalescing Elements, 15K Series, 145 & 345

Storage & Transport

storage and transport

Hydrogen can be stored physically as gas or as a liquid. Storage of Hydrogen as a gas requires high-pressure tanks up to 15K PSI. Storage of H2 as a liquid requires cryogenic temperatures because the boiling point of H2 is -423.04°F. NFC designs and manufactures filter housings and assemblies that exceed the pressure and temperature requirements for H2 storage and transportation applications.


Pipelines, High-Pressure Tube Trailers, Liquefied Hydrogen Tankers

Filter Series:

4500 Series, 4100 Series

Distribution & Wholesale


The primary uses of Hydrogen today are in oil refining and ammonia industries with emerging applications which include fuel cell vehicles, metals refining, and synthetic natural gas production. Thousands of fuel cells already exist around the USA and the globe today including in commercial vehicles, forklifts, and backup power units. NFC filtration solutions provide hydrogen distribution and wholesale applications with an improved operation efficiency, extra level of protection on down stream equipment, all while having the ability to meet final product sales specifications.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Fueling Stations, Light Duty Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, Trains, and Ships, Power & Heating Grids

Filter Series:

4500 Series, 4100 Series, 15K Series, Coalescing Elements

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