Subsea / Oil & Gas Liquid Filtration Systems

Norman Filter Co. has established itself as a premier supplier to the offshore oil and gas exploration industry. Our products can be found worldwide, supplied to all major oil & gas exploration companies and equipment manufacturers.  With standard operating pressures up to 30,000 PSI, our 30K, 4500, 14500, and 34500 series assemblies are a perfect match for high pressure subsea tie back systems filtering environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids. 

Chemical injection systems are supported by our 4100, 4500, and U-115 series assemblies with fluids such as methanol, corrosion inhibitors, paraffin and asphaltene inhibitors, as well as scale inhibitors.  The 4100 series is the perfect match for this type of system with its compact size, flow rates up to 2.5 gpm, and maximum allowable working pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Norman Filter Co. has designed, built, and tested a series of B31.3 / ASME Sec. VII Div. 1 design compliant high pressure assemblies for those off shore applications requiring a specific design standard.  Along with our standard product offering NFC manufactures and supplies t-type assemblies with Grayloc, and flange connection interfaces for offshore platform use.  NFC has developed custom designed manifold mount filter components for well head control systems and blow out preventers. 

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Filtration

When it comes to ROV filtration Norman Filter Co. has it covered, supplying most of the worldwide network of ROV manufacturers with anodized aluminum based components, (4500 series), custom filter elements for manifold configurations, and microglass elements in various sizes and micron ratings.

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